Why On-Grid Solar Energy Systems Could be Right for Your Business

August 20, 2018

The Solar Thought Process

You’re deciding to invest in a solar system kit because you want to cut overhead costs or make an environmental impact that is sustainable. As the idea rolls around in your head the daunting task of how to get it done begins to unfold. Deciding to go solar may sound easy at first but can sometimes get a lot harder when you start reading the technical jargon that surrounds the industry. New solar energy users often find it hard to justify the investment when it’s outside their field of expertise, and for a good reason. It’s never easy to propose a new type of technology for investment inside of a company, especially with a technology you don’t have a lot of experience with. Typical office and factory equipment are often much more understood in terms of ROI and depreciation than is a solar energy system that relies on historical sunshine data, utility & or fuel rates and subsidies from the government. The question then becomes, how do you choose what type and size of a solar energy system are right for your business?

Our Integrative Approach to Solar

Our Integrative Approach to Solar

The investment needs of a business can often be broken down into several key questions:

  1. Will the investment offers a reliable rate of return or is the investment a safe bet?
  2. Will the rate of return on the investment justify the capital spent?
  3. Is the investment well understood within the company or organization?

Symtech Solar understands the need for justifying any investment when it comes to a companies bottom line. Since we follow the same procedure for investment within our own company, we would not expect any less of our clients looking to invest in solar.  This is why we offer complete ROI calculations, engineering & design, and proposal documents before any decision being finalized.

We expect and promote our clients to study the numbers we hand over and ask questions about how we came up with the data sets. We will work with you to understand and apply for any subsidies that may exist in your local market. Putting all the data together in one proposal will help justify the investment in the solar energy system and help clarify if it is a safe bet and will hit or exceed the rate of return that is expected.

The key to any good investment in solar is trusting who you work with and having an open dialogue about how everything works and is organized from start to finish.  Our business offering in solar is designed for simplicity.  That said, we all care about the money and with a warrantied design life of 25+ years on the modules and 10+ years on the inverters, the return on investment is often less than four years.

Why On Grid Solar Energy Systems Could be Right for Your Business

We sell more than just energy systems

Some of the services we offer with our commercial system are:

  1. ROI calculations
  2. Project proposals
  3. TUV certified systems
  4. Layout & electrical drawings
  5. Environmental savings calculations
  6. After sales services for warranties and replacements
  7. Consulting with your chosen installation team

Don’t let solar be intimidating

Solar power can be intimidating, technical, and bureaucratic with sometimes uncertain financial returns. The future of solar energy should be simplified. This is what we focus on and why we work with each commercial client on an individual basis answering and eventuating each aspect.  There is often not only one solution, but a variety of solutions and we understand that it’s never a “one size fits all” approach. This is why Symtech Solar is positioned in Shanghai, China as an upstream integration and design company. We have optimized our supply chain positioning which means higher savings for our clients with the same personal service you can expect from a local company. We can be with you every step of the way from the design and planning phase to years later when the annual maintenance checkups are due.

If you’re interested in learning more about us or perhaps becoming a partner go to our Symtech team page for more details.