Making Solar Projects Work

With over 50 years of combined solar energy experience, our company continues to be part of the renewable energy transition by helping you harvest clean energy at any given location in the world.   Our solar projects in coordination with your team, follow our six step solar process approach.  This will guarantee the success of the solar installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of your photovoltaic plant.

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Symtech Solar Project Portfolio 2022

Sams Club Mexico, 270kW Commercial PV System
Walmart Mexico, 261kW Commercial PV System, WM Los Pinos Puebla
Walmart Mexico, 217kW Commercial PV System, BA Las Torres León
Walmart Mexico, 288kW Commercial PV System, Punta del Este León
Walmart Mexico, 326kW Commercial PV System, JARDINES DEL COUNTRY SALAMANCA
Walmart Mexco, 329kW Commercial PV System, Gahndi Aguascalientes
Walmart Mexico, 172kW Commercial PV System, BA SANTA MÓNICA Aguascalientes

Helping You Harvesting Clean Energy

Years in development and operation, Symtech Solar has created multiple product lines designed for specific solar energy installations and applications, including, for example, PV System Kits.  The use of PV Kits designed by Symtech Solar yields cost and time savings by offering users an ‘all in one’ (packaged) product, thus eliminating the need for the customer to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers.   Our innovative packaging solution (all in a box) offers our clients an easier and faster way to carry out their solar businesses.

Further, our having personally engineered (including our TUV Solar Kit Certification) the Solar Kits ensures compatibility of the components, which are manufactured from various sources from around the globe.

Symtech Solar also provides full custom solutions for larger and or specialized projects by working directly with clients to provide them with a similar all in a box solution but based upon shipping container volumes.

Symtech aspires to provide the best solar energy solutions for distributors, wholesalers, installers, and end users by providing install ready solar solution packages that can be drop shipped throughout the world.

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