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Streamline your solar energy experience with our all-in-one & install ready solar energy solutions packages.

Industry leading designs and packaging solutions ‘SYMPACK’ technology adds both functionality & usability for both distributors and installers alike.

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Commercial On-Grid solar continues to be one of the most cost effective & energy saving solutions in the energy market.  Symtech Solar continues to provide install ready commercial projects anywhere in the world at or below market prices.

For Government Agencies and NGO’s

We are committed to provide solar energy solutions to both Governments and NGO’s.  Our commitment to providing clean and affordable energy projects to our global community through our international partners starts here.


Our Story

Now with the 1st Global Solar Kit Certification from TUV,
TUV Solar Kit Certificate Info
Symtech Solar was founded in 2008, Symtech Solar is an American solar energy company based in Shanghai China that specifically focuses on complete all-in-one solar energy kits and systems.

Our quest to simplify solar energy was born out of a drive to connect people more easily and more affordably across the global community, which has brought us to a place that thrives on innovation; China.  It is at our Shanghai assembly plant where we manufacture our whole range of ready to install solar kits for global distribution.

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