1000kW - 2000kWh - 0.5C
C&I Battery Energy Storage System
- Air Cooled, AC Coupled -

The MEGATRON 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (AC Coupled) is an essential component and a critical supporting technology for smart grid and renewable energy (wind and solar). The MEG-1000 provides the ancillary service at the front-of-the-meter such as renewable energy moving average, frequency regulation, backup, black start and demand response.   MEG-1000’s enhance the flexibility, economy, and safety of traditional power systems and significantly improve renewable energy access.

The 1MW BESS systems utilize a 280Ah LFP cell and air cooling system which offers a better price to power ratio.  Each BESS is on-grid ready making it an ideal solution for AC coupled commercial/industrial customers.  The 20′ systems are designed and shipped with the batteries pre installed utilizing UN 3536 shipping standards which can dramatically lower installation costs.  Each BESS container is rated at 1000kW AC inverter allowing for easy AC coupling of your renewable energy project (690V).

Utilizing string architecture topology vs traditional centralized PCS design, the MEG 1600 allows for better system availability and lower maintenance downtimes.  The 8 PCS by 8 battery string configuration ensures better charging efficiency and the potential for less circulating current found in some centralized BESS designs.  Many PV system designers will see the similarity of PV string inverter system design vs centralized PV inverter design here.

Each commercial and industrial battery energy storage system includes Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs connected in high voltage DC configurations (1,075.2V~1,363.2V).  Battery Systems come with 5000 cycle warranty and up to 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) @ 0.5C x 25℃.

Offered with a 24 x 7 cloud-based monitoring and operation platform supports Mysql database and multiple mobile and PC devices.  The battery pack, string and ESS are certified by TUV to align with IEC/UL standards of UL 9540A, UL 1973, IEC 62619 etc.


20 Foot Container
AC Coupled

1MW Battery Energy<br>Storage System

1MW Battery Energy
Storage System

MEGATRONS 1MW Battery Energy Storage System is the ideal fit for AC coupled grid and commercial applications.  Utilizing Tier 1 280Ah LFP battery cells, each BESS is designed for a install friendly plug-and-play commissioning.

Each system is constructed in a environmentally controlled container including fire suppression.  Each complete system offers users a hassle free 10+ year service life and hold internationally compliant certifications.

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Common Applications

  • New Energy Peak shaving
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Ancillary Services
  • Energy Shifting
  • Spinning Reserve
  • Voltage and Reactive Power Support
  • Transmission and Distribution Support

BESS Benefits

  • Pre-Installed System from Factory
  • AC Coupled
  • Simplified Installation
  • Demand Response
  • Energy Independence (w/PV)
  • Peak Load Shifting

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Each 1000kW BESS solution is pre-engineered and manufactured to be ready to install.

Each BESS includes:

  • Battery Racks & Wiring (LFP)
  • 3 level BMS and Local Controller, PLC System
  • High Voltage Units (BMS)
  • 1MW Power Conversion System (PCS) (DC/AC)
  • 1MW Transformer (optional)
  • 20 GP Container
  • HVAC System
  • Fire Suppression System (FFS NOVEC 1230)
  • Installation Manuals, Certificates, Usage Guide, etc.
  • Shipped using UN 3536 for easier setup and installation

1MW BESS Exploded view





MEG 1000kW x 2000kWh with doors closed. Battery Energy Storage container.


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Battery Energy Storage System
Single Line Diagram

1MW Battery Energy Storage System, Single Line Drawing


PV System





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