EPC Projects
Solar Energy & Battery Storage Projects

EPCF projects are those in which the client entrusts Symtech Solar and its Partners as contractors with the complete execution of the work, from engineering design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning and even the finance.   The operation and maintenance is often included as part of the project during the warranty period and, optionally, the lifetime of the installation.

EPC projects that are also known as ‘turnkey’ and as the contractor assumes responsibility for engineering services, procurement of materials, hiring of teams and materials, and execution of the work, among other tasks, to deliver the project ready to be operated by the client by a given deadline and with a number of guarantees.

We assist customers seeking to use solar power and battery storage systems from the planning stage through the entire operational life of the project. This often includes providing customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar or solar + storage project including providing advisory services that help customers navigate all government policy issues, land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install the renewable energy plants.

Overall project execution often includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Project Design
  • Permit Verification
  • Planned and Unplanned Procurement
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction Services
  • Integration and Interconnection
  • Performance Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Final Acceptance
  • Plant Handover

Clean Energy & Food Ecosystems

Agrivoltaic Systems

Agrivoltaic Systems

We are now taking renewable energy one step further with the addition of Agrivoltaics, the use of land for both agriculture and solar photovoltaic energy generation.  By allowing working lands to stay working, agrivoltaic systems can help farms diversify income, create a better growing environment, and create a fully working renewable ecosystem for food and energy. Other benefits can include energy resilience, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Fixed tilt and tracking arrays that are elevated to increase access for agricultural machinery is utilized allowing for better yield of specific crops that grow around the PV arrays.  Bee keeping can also be included as a key component of the clean energy ecosystem.

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Project Development can Include

  • Field and Plots Identification
  • Environmental Management
  • Management with Regulators and Gov’t Regulators
  • Sale to Third Parties with Construction Included
  • PPA and 3rd Party Offtake Agreements
  • Co-ownership of the Asset, Already in Operation, with External Investors

Solar + Storage Design can Include

  • System Description and Outline
  • Land Mapping and Shading Analysis
  • Layout Design and Feasibility
  • System Design (Electrical, Mechanical & Civil)
  • Power Evacuation and Interconnection

Symtech Renewable Energy
South Africa

Symtech Renewable Energy SA was founded in 2021 as a special purpose vehicle for a consortium of South African companies, namely Richardson Enterprises (Pty) Ltd T/A Symtech Solar SA, ENMIN (Pty) Ltd, RS Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Black Business Council in the Built Environment (BBCBE) of South Africa. The aim of Symtech Renewable SA is to jointly pursue turnkey renewable energy solutions and services that include design, manufacturing, supply, marketing, sales and finance of renewable energy projects in South Africa and Africa.

Symtech Renewable Energy SA’s key technology partners are:

  • Symtech Solar Group
  • EPC Partners – Summit Renewables & Green Energy (Engineers)
  • PowerX – a pioneer in the trading of renewable energy in South Africa with the ability through its NERSA issued trading license (TR01/ELC/09) to purchase clean and green power from power / electricity generators.

Alignment with the above partners provides Symtech Renewable Energy SA to pursue 100 MW to 1.4 GW to markets.


To contribute positively to a carbon free society, by providing turnkey renewable energy solutions.

Partner Profiles:

Symtech Solar Group is a global renewable energy company specializing in photovoltaic kits and renewable energy solutions. Revolutionizing the way solar energy systems are delivered, Symtech Solar has created multiple product lines designed for specific solar energy installations and applications, including, on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar kits.  The use of PV Kits designed by Symtech Solar yields cost and time savings by offering users an ‘all in one’ (packaged) product, thus eliminating the need for the customer to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers.  Their innovative packaging solution (all in a box) offers clients an easier and faster way to carry out their solar energy businesses. Further, having personally engineered each Solar Kit ensures compatibility of the components, which are manufactured from various factory partners. Symtech Solar also provides full custom solar and battery solutions for larger and or specialized projects by working directly with clients to provide them with a similar all-in-one solution but based upon shipping container volumes.

POWERX is South Africa’s first licensed electricity trader. POWERX is a pioneer in the trading of renewable energy in South Africa with the ability through its NERSA issued trading license (TR01/ELC/09) to purchase clean and green power from generators and sell it on to consumers. POWERX stimulates the generation and consumption of renewable and clean power in South Africa by acting as a conduit between willing electricity buyers and sellers and is an aggregator that assumes and actively manages the risks that generators and consumers cannot assume or mitigate themselves.

Summit Renewables has developed creative and unique service offerings since its inception in 2014 and has installed a total of 229MW solar capacity for various clients. Summit Renewables is the manufacturer and distributor of Deger Energie Single and Dual Axis trackers for Sub-Sahara Africa. Summit Renewables is listed as a turnkey service provider for Deger Energie. Deger Energie holds the world record for power generation with its unique MLD (Maximum Light Detection Technology) technology. Summit Renewables, together with Tshesedi Engineering, has incorporated the following technologies in its systems and solutions:

  • Waste to Syngas generation;
  • Cogeneration with steam engines/Turbine;
  • Mega energy storage and generator fuel save integration;
  • Rural steam generator with storage of up to 15kVA;
  • Hydrogen generation, storage and transport;
  • Energy mobility for agricultural, commercial and rural application systems.

Summit Renewables is integrated in a group context with electronic, electrical, civil, structural and mechanical engineering disciplines and is currently working on a number of EPC projects with Tshesedi Engineering.