What's Included

All Symtech Solar PV Kits are pre-engineered & packaged for immediate installation.  Typically packaged in our one box solution, each complete solar PV system kit includes all the necessary components required to achieve a complete solar PV installation.

PV Modules
Technical Documentation
Mounting System
Monitoring System
AC/DC Disconnects
PV and Ground Wiring


We offer a wide variety of warranties on all of our solar PV systems and solar components.  Optional extensions are available upon request.


Year PV Panels


Year Battery


Year Solar Inverter


Year BOS Equipment


Year Mounting System


Year Solar Water Pumps


Awarded the 1st ever global TUV solar PV system certificate for our on grid solar kits.  TUV Solar Kit Certificate Info

Solar Kits and PV systems outside of the residential Apollo and commercial Atlas series still come with various global industry codes and standards.  All components in our product lines are also fully certified, thus ensuring better performance and code compliant installations.  Only tier 1 solar panels are offered in our solar kits.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Symtech Solar’s innovative 50MW/year solar kit and pv system production facility in Shanghai carefully checks and inspects all solar kit components before applying SymPack Technology to its PV Systems.

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