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Solar Energy Training:  PV Systems Video


Solar Energy Slides Training Video covering an introduction to solar energy, solar PV systems, PV system size classifications, solar installation component introductions, solar installations, solar design, Return on Investment and PV system maintenance..

Photovoltaic (PV) is a renewable energy technology that converts solar radiation directly into electricity.  Solar energy is abundantly available; the Earth receives enough solar energy every hour to meet the world’s annual energy needs. The advantages of PV are-


  • Generate your own electricity and reduce your electric bill
  • Protect against future utility increases
  • Sell excessive power back to the Utility Grid:
  • Spin your meter backwards with Net Metering
  • Reduce the burning of fossil fuels for a healthier environment
  • Increase the value of your home or business
  • Solar modules have up to a 25-year warranty
  • Systems typically have a lifetime of 40+ years


Solar energy continues to thrive thanks to the improvement of its technology, accelerated manufacturing pace and its unique ability to create a global entry to any power generation market. Today the PV industry has not only made positive environmental contributions, but has also put into question the conventional power generation scheme by offering new energy alternatives to producers and consumers. Solar energy has created more jobs than any other energy industry in the last decade and its growth has consistently over-passed all initial forecasts. Silicon (Si) prices continue to decrease and have opened the door to governments, businesses and users who are transitioning to more renewable non-traditional uses of energy. As the solar industry develops, organizations and institutions continue to set industry standards and recommended best practices for the installation of PV systems. Surrounded by such development this leads us to understand the fundamentals behind solar energy, its benefits and uses.



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