Battery Energy Storage System Warranties

MEGATRON Battery Energy Storage Systems offer multiple warranty coverages.  From the cell level to the entire system, your system will always be backed by a robust set of warranties that will ensure long and trouble free operation.  We also offer free online troubleshooting and commissioning support.  For larger custom Battery Energy Storage Systems we will fly our team out for commissioning.

Optional extended warranty coverages are available upon request.


Years Battery Systems


Cycles Battery System

BESS Certifications

MEGATRON BESS Systems have a variety of different certification and qualifications.

  • UL1973
  • UL 9540 Rack
  • UL 9540A System
  • IEC 62619
  • CE
  • UN 38.3
  • UN 3536

Battery Energy Storage System

A cloud based energy management system (EMS) monitors the loads at the PV power station, grid access point, and at the energy storage systems grid access point in real-time.  By monitoring real-time data, and taking safety & stability constraints into consideration, the cloud based EMS can dynamically adjust the energy storage system’s charge/discharge strategies.

Fire Fighting &
Suppression System

The 3MTM Novec fire extinguishing systems are designed to transport the fire extinguishing agent to the nozzle of the container battery room via the main agent pipe and branch pipe via spray nozzles.  The extinguishing agent meets the requirement standards for clean agent fire extinguishing systems and NFPA2001 of the American Fire Protection Association.  It has passed FM and UL certifications.

Novec 1230 fluid offers a unique combination of safety, low environmental impact and extinguishing performance, making it the only chemical halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term, environmentally sustainable technology for special hazards fire protection.

Each Megatron BESS offers a different fire extinguishing design to meet the battery system design and container layout.


Fire Fighting System for battery energy storage systems