1500V Liquid Cooled
Energy Storage Cabinet

MEGATRON 1500V 373kWh liquid-cooled energy storage battery cabinets are an integrated high energy density, long lasting, battery energy storage system.  Each battery cabinet includes an IP56 battery rack system, battery management system (BMS), fire suppression system (FSS), HVAC thermal management system and auxiliary distribution system.  Outdoor liquid cooled cabinets can be paired together utilizing a high voltage/current battery combiner box.

Outdoor liquid cooled cabinet is manufactured to be a install ready and cost effective part of the total on-grid, hybrid, off-grid commercial/industrial or utility scale battery energy storage system.  BESS string setup examples are:

  • 12 units at 0.25C = 4472.4 kWh
  • 9 units at 0.5C = 3354.3 kWh
  • 6 units at 1C = 2236.2 kWh

Battery Packs utilize 280Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells connected in voltage DC configurations (1331.2V).  Liquid cooling is integrated into each battery cabinet using a 50% ethylene glycol water solution.  Aerosol fire suppression is also integrated into each outdoor cabinet allowing for safer and more controlled energy storage system design for firefighting.

373kWh rack systems can be paired with 1500V PCS inverters to complete fully functioning battery energy storage systems.

The battery pack, string and cabinets are certified by TUV to align with IEC/UL standards of UL 9540A, UL 1973, IEC 62619 etc.


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2238kW BESS
6 Outdoor Cabinets
Grid Connected with PV

Liquid Cooled<br>Energy Storage Systems

Liquid Cooled
Energy Storage Systems

The MEGATRONS 373kWh Battery Energy Storage Solution is an ideal solution for medium to large scale energy storage projects. Utilizing Tier 1 LFP battery cells, each battery cabinet is designed for an install friendly plug-and-play commissioning with easier maintenance capabilities.

Each outdoor cabinet is IP56 constructed in a environmentally controlled liquid cooled cabinet including fire suppression.  Multiple 373kWh cabinets can be installed together creating up to 4472kWh energy storage blocks.

Designed for 373kWh’s to 100MWh+ systems.

Common Applications

  • Utility Projects
  • Grid Support
  • Business’ & Factories
  • Shopping and Distribution Centers
  • Microgrid Island communities
  • Renewable Energy Applications

BESS Benefits

  • More Land Area Savings
  • Better Installation Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Liquid Cooling with 98% Longer Life
  • Adaptable with a Variety of PCS’s 600V-1500V
  • Easy to Transport, Install and Maintain

Battery Energy Storage Systems
Can Include

Each 373kW liquid cooled outdoor cabinet solution is pre-engineered and manufactured to be ready to install.

System options can include:

  • Battery Racks & Wiring (LFP)
  • DC Battery Combiner Cabinet
  • BESS Controller with Battery Management System
  • High Voltage Units (BMS)
  • PCS 1500V (depending on design) (E.g. Delta, Sungrow, PE, SMA and Kelong)
  • Outdoor Storage Cabinet
  • HVAC System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Installation Manuals, Certificates, Usage Guide, etc.


Internal view of the 373kWh battery energy storage System

373kW ~ 1500V
Battery Energy Storage System
Cabinet Size


Size (m)


Weight (kg)


Battery (kWh)


Size (m)


Weight (kg)


# of Batteries

Sizes are subject to change without notice.

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