Install Ready Solar Carport Systems for Your Home or Business

The Hercules solar carport are designed to utilize new or existing parking areas and generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate.  Typically offered as an On-Grid PV solution, our innovative design delivers a cross-platform solution combining solar energy generation and an elegant substitute to shading/weather protection for vehicles.

It is this multi-purpose characteristic that makes Hercules solar carports ideal for sites that are restricted in space and serve as an economical alternative to traditional carport structures.  Hercules use solar panels for the roofing canopy and are structurally engineered to guarantee optimum corrosion and wind resistance that ensures a good as gold performance to price ratio.  These kits are offered with single steel column or double aluminum column configurations.

solar carport kit, solar panel carport kit by Symtech Solar

In addition, these grid tie systems are compatible with most electric vehicle charging stations, making them an innovative, clean and environment-friendly fuel source platform.  Turn your existing parking lot into a solar energy generating system and provide shaded parking at the same time.  Its a win win design with almost any parking area.


EV Solar Carport Charging Station with BESS

Hercules Solar Carports are designed to be easily retrofit into new or existing areas.  They are designed and shipped to fit precisely into the environment adding an elegant and multiuse solar structure. Installation is made super simple by utilizing a pre-assembled leg system and pre-cut beams.  Each system is designed to be erected with zero cutting and minimal parts count.

Carport systems can also be paired with battery energy storage systems to allow for easy EV charging station hook ups for better performance of the PV system and EV charging system.

Solar Carport with Battery Energy Storage System

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How Energy Storage Can Solve the Renewable Energy Generation Issue



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125kWp Solar Carport
W double shade

Solar Canopy and Solar Carport Solutions

Solar Canopy and Solar Carport Solutions

Hercules solar carports and solar canopies are an innovative product that can turn a typical, non-productive parking lot or walkway into a cost effective solar power plant.  With no field welding, drilling , or other on-site fabrication, Hercules solar carports are ready to erect upon delivery.  Manufactured & designed for simplicity, practicality, & peace of mind.

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Common Applications

  • Existing parking areas looking to add value
  • Businesses that want to offset power costs
  • Schools looking to reduce their energy cost
  • Residential homes looking for due use solar and parking
  • Housing developers looking to add value to their properties
  • Commercial centers and malls looking to offset power costs and add shaded parking for their customers

Carport Benefits

  • Multi functionality including solar energy and covered parking
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easily scalable from 5kW to 5MW
  • Increases the value of your parking area
  • Can be integrated with electric vehicle charging stations

What’s Included in the
Carport Solar Kit

Our Hercules PV Systems are available in multiple layouts and can be designed and engineered for your specific site characteristics.  Each kit is install ready and includes all solar the solar carport components necessary for a long term and successful dual use PV system.

Hercules Solar Carport PV Kits include:

  • Crystalline silicon solar panels in poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline
  • Inverters in single or three phase configuration
  • All aluminum or steel solar carport structure
  • DC and AC safety disconnects for added functionality
  • Solar wire designed for extreme weather and UV
  • Ground wire and PV array grounding system
  • Wire management system to keep everything neat and tidy
  • WiFi system monitoring so you can check performance anytime
  • System safety labels for better user safety and awareness
  • Installation manual for the entire solar kit
  • Commissioning and annual inspection documents
  • Electrical 3 line & mechanical drawings

Don’t see the size you want?  Contact our engineering team and let us custom design a system for you. We can design and build almost any size and or configuration.

Sympack Technology

The difference is clear, get better results with our all in a box packaging solutions.  Symtech Solar’s heavy-duty ISPM15 Compliant crate design not only protects the Hercules solar carport kits contents during international shipping but also ensures that the solar carport kits arrive to their installation site undamaged and ready to install.  Larger solar carport systems are shipped in sea containers in an optimized format making installation more organized and easy to handle

Product Specs

1.7 x 1.1 x 1
4 x 0.6 x 0.6

Size (m)


Weight (kg)


Total Boxes

1.7 x 1.1 x 1
4 x 1.2 x 0.6

Size (m)


Weight (kg)


Total Boxes

1.7 x 1.1 x 1
4 x 1.2 x 1.2

Size (m)


Weight (kg)


Total Boxes

1.7 x 1.1 x 1
4 x 1.2 x 1.2

Size (m)


Weight (kg)



*Based on 0.85% system derating (formula = DC Power x peak sunshine hours/year x derate factor) (GHI = Global Horizontal Irradiance)