The Business Advantages of
Solar Energy & Storage Systems

Whether you are looking to save money, promote green energy or hedge against future energy costs, we are the upstream solar energy experts in the design and supply of commercial PV systems.  Solar energy business solutions have never been more simplified and user-friendly.

Our innovative PV system product range offers clean energy solutions for your business with a more simplified approach. Cost effective and ready to install, our modular PV or Solar + Storage solutions will ensure long term value for your investment.  Solar energy currently offers great returns on investment and BESS’s are not far behind.  Our unique product offerings of On-Grid, Off Grid, and Hybrid solar energy kits or custom energy solutions fit almost any solar business need.

We specialize in large commercial PV systems as well as smaller residential solar kits for large housing developments.  Each PV system is securely delivered in our “all in a box” solution packaging for immediate installation.


Pre-Design &



Clean Energy for Business & Gov

Our commercial PV & Battery Systems are designed for multiple layouts and can be integrated seamlessly into your specific site characteristics.  We provide full design and engineering for rooftop solar, ground mount solar, or solar carports that are shipped ready for your local team to install.

Going Green with
Government Solar + BESS

Symtech Solar is dedicated to providing solar energy solutions to municipalities, NGO’s, and government agencies around the globe.

We have a proven track record providing expert guidance and collaborating with government bodies to achieve solar installations in even the most remote communities of the world.  Off-Grid solar is often one of the most effective ways to bring electricity to those who need it most.

Symtech Solar specializes in solar kits that are deployable to any area of the world.  Being pre-engineered prior to shipping you can rest assured your solar PV project will achieve the results you expect.

A Comprehensive Approach
to the Solar & Storage Business


  • Solar Feasibility Studies
  • Product Selection
  • System Budgeting
  • Electrical Specifications

Through a collaborative process, Symtech’s in-house development team will work with you and your team to solve your unique solar project requirements and propose a cost effective and well-designed PV system solution.


  • Electrical and Mechanical Drawings
  • PV Layout Configuration
  • Local Calculations
  • Quote Formulations
  • Build Proposal

Symtech’s engineering team tackles design challenges of any complexity to deliver strong technical solutions suited to your requirements.


  • DC/AC kWh Generation
  • Geographical Climate Data
  • Location Irradiance
  • Array Tilt and Azimuth

Optimized for your benefit. Our team conducts a series of tests and data analysis to ensure your installation will perform at its best and deliver ongoing benefits for years to come.


  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Utility kWh Offset
  • ROI Calculation
  • Yearly Depreciation

Going beyond the technical.  Symtech Solar delivers financially viable solutions by working with you to choose, arrange, and adapt your solar project for a highly competitive system proposal.

Flexibility in design.


  • Quality Inspection
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Sympack Technology
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Customs Documentation

Feel at ease. Symtech Solar offers complete quality assurance on all its product lines by adding a second layer of inspection during kit manufacturing at our facility.


  • Permitting and Approvals
  • Incoming Inspection of Goods
  • Site Preparation
  • Installing and Commissioning
  • Inspection and Maintenance Scheduling

Either through our local Partners or your local installation company, our PV Systems are designed for simple assembly meaning you can enjoy the benefits of going solar sooner.

Commercial Solar Projects
Design, Engineer, Build, Commission

Sams Club Mexico, 270kW Commercial PV System


Walmart Mexico, 261kW Commercial PV System, WM Los Pinos Puebla


Walmart Mexico, 217kW Commercial PV System, BA Las Torres León


Walmart Mexico, 288kW Commercial PV System, Punta del Este León


Walmart Mexico, 326kW Commercial PV System, JARDINES DEL COUNTRY SALAMANCA


Walmart Mexco, 329kW Commercial PV System, Gahndi Aguascalientes


Walmart Mexico, 172kW Commercial PV System, BA SANTA MÓNICA Aguascalientes