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Streamline your Solar & Battery Energy Storage Systems experience with our install ready RE Solutions.

Full engineering, installation plans & instructions are included with every system we offer.  Tier 1 components and warranties ensures each system will outlast your expectations.


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Solar and BESS for Businesses

On-Grid solar & Solar and Battery Energy Storage projects continue to be some of the most cost effective & energy saving solutions in the investment market today.  Symtech Solar continues to provide install ready solar and battery energy storage projects anywhere in the world at or below market prices.   Our variety of commercial solar and battery systems ensure you get the best performance and safety the market has to offer.

Solar and BESS for Governments and NGO’s

We are committed to provide solar and battery energy storage solutions to both Governments and NGO’s.  Our commitment to providing clean and affordable solar energy projects to our global community through our international partners starts here.  We provide complete solar energy solutions at factory direct prices and work with each organization to optimize every project for the best cost to performance ratio.



Our Renewable Energy Story

– Awarded the 1st Global Solar Kit Certification from TUV – TUV Solar Kit Certificate Info

Symtech Solar Kit certification Logo and explanation

Symtech Solar Group is a global renewable energy company specializing in photovoltaic systems and battery energy storage solutions.

Revolutionizing the way solar energy systems are delivered, Symtech Solar has created multiple product lines designed for specific solar energy installations and applications, including, on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar kits.

The use of PV Kits designed by Symtech Solar yields cost and time savings by offering users an ‘all in one’ (packaged) product, thus eliminating the need for the customer to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers.  Our innovative packaging solution (all in a box) offers our clients an easier and faster way to carry out their solar energy businesses.

Further, having personally engineered each Solar Kit ensures compatibility of the components, which are manufactured from various factory partners.

Symtech Solar also provides full custom solar and battery solutions for larger and or specialized projects by working directly with clients to provide them with a similar all-in-one solution but based upon shipping container volumes.

Our continued aspiration of offering the best solar energy solutions for distributors, wholesalers, installers, and end users by providing pre-designed and engineered solar kits that are install ready and can be drop shipped throughout the world.



Simplifying the solar & energy storage experience


As pioneers in the manufacturing of PV system kits and solar + storage solutions, we are committed to innovation by providing easy to install renewable energy products to provide a more sustainable world.

Renewable energy is energy freedom.


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