Disruptive Solar Technology: the Upstream Solar Integrator Story

September 17, 2018

“Upstream Solar Integrator” might sound like jargon. It’s not. Putting components into a box before selling them is not jargon. and integrating both business and science to create a seamless approach is the sort of standard you should be looking for when you invest in solar power. Far from being jargon we’re going to explain why an upstream solar integrator is the way to go.

Upstream Solar Integrator Onsite Micronesia

Isn’t this a bit risky?

Mr. Rifkin who has written books and advised world leaders on industrial processes once famously said ““Everyone around the world, in the next 25 years — from small villages to neighbourhoods — will be producing their own solar.” But you may still be wondering “what is the added value of an upstream solar integrator as a whole?” Already certain companies famed for their disruptive mentalities have gone bankrupt. Famously Wuxi Suntech in China was once hailed as the giant of its time but with the demise of the necessary investment its dominance was not to last. What’s to say that upstream solar integrators won’t go the same way?

Turnkey Solar Solutions

Def: A turnkey product is a product that is ready to install.

The benefit in terms of solar systems is that the product, assuming you have chosen a company that has a comprehensive approach to proposing products for you is that you can essentially design your own system putting into action the recommendations that the consultants have given.  This is an incredibly niche idea in terms of the solar market but also has the advantage of being very simple and easy to implement across the board.  So given the inconsistencies that come with transferring to solar, why should you take this risk on a company you’re not even sure will exist? Well like any business purchase…

  • Make sure your provider is properly certified and has the appropriate experience for the industry.
  • Ensure that the consultants you are using have a good knowledge of the market they are in, and also your market.

Upstream solar integrator: the only solution

Juan Geof Upstream Solar Integrator

Upstream and downstream are like the two rivals of the solar industry.  But no more! Symtech Solar has pioneered an innovative approach to the solar market using their business and financial expertise in conjunction with their combined experience in the solar industry to give us their model of analysis and installation of the highest quality products.

At Symtech we know that it can be hard to put faith in an ever changing resource like solar power which is why we have combined the business with the science.  We are positioned in China because it is an ideal location for supply chain management in the industry and if you want to learn any more about what they have to offer in your region, you can contact us here.




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