Why Symtech Solar

Our Company

Symtech Solar is an American renewable energy company that develops, produces, and delivers the world’s most complete and cost-effective solar PV solutions. With a proven and established track-record, and a highly experienced management team we have created multiple product lines designed for different solar energy installations and applications, including industry leading solar PV kits.

The use of our PV kits designed yields cost and time savings by offering our partners and customers an all-in-one product, thus eliminating the need to deal with multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Thanks to SymPack Technology, our innovative packaging solution, we offer our clients an easier and faster way to carry out their solar projects and businesses.

Furthermore, our in-house engineering and product development ensure that every solar PV system manufactured under Symtech Solar and international quality standards in our facilities is fully compatible for turnkey installations. Our brand strives to provide leading solar energy solutions by offering installation-ready PV systems that can be shipped throughout the world.

Our Vision

To simplify the solar energy experience

Our Mission

To innovate by providing easy to use renewable energy products to an all-sustainable world.

Why Symtech Solar

Symtech Solar uses a multilateral approach to bring you the best products and designs required for almost any solar project, which allows our clients to feel safer about what they purchase. Our teams often organize factory production and quality control inspections and tours for our clients. This enhances the working relationship and trust ensuring solar projects are designed and manufactured to their specification.

Simplicity and Practicality

We provide complete designed PV solutions that simplify sourcing and installation of solar PV systems and can be installed in a variety of on-grid and off-grid applications.

Time and Money Savings

Our all-in-one and cost-effective PV solutions are not only built to offer a simpler approach to solar PV systems installations but also to make turnkey solar projects easier to handle.

Technical Service

Our professional support team knowledgeable in the components we use and our solar PV systems product lines is always on time to answer your questions by phone or by email.

Consulting and Project Evaluation

Our professional engineering and design teams are skilled at offering the very best possible solution to your solar projects and customize it to answer your specifications.

Product Quality Assurance

Oversight and strict quality control of our facilities ensure manufacturing best-practices of our solar PV systems with real-time production inspection reporting and clients tours.

Community Commitment

We are committed to provide solar energy to NGOs and developing communities in both Central and South America, South-East Asia, Pacific Islands, Middle-East and Africa.

Offices and Partners

Offices and Partners

Solar Projects

Symtech Solar offers both pre-designed and engineered solar PV kits as well as energy solutions for projects that require specialized customization. Our system integration experience along with in-depth solar product knowledge has increasingly evolved around PV technology and its implementation. This experience is the foundation of how we design our PV kits and develop our projects. Learn more

Solar Projects