Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Our PV systems are available fully pre-engineered and are ready to be installed at your desired location. Our residential and commercial product applications are available for multiple layouts and can be designed for your specific site characteristics. Currently Symtech Solar uses a multilateral approach to bring you the best products and designs required for almost any solar project. We are the boots on the ground here in China which allows our clients to feel safer about what they purchase.

Tailored Solar Solutions

  • Module Design Size and Technology
  • Custom BIPV modules
  • Wiring Harness Design and Layouts
  • Inverter Sizing and Monitoring Options
  • Mounting Systems
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Battery Banks
  • DC/AC Disconnects
  • System Design

PV Project Design and Planning

  • Product Selection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Project Management
  • System Maintenance Scheduling

We are also able to work closely with our clients design and sourcing teams making the long distance business transactions more customer friendly. Long life and high performance of PV systems comes partially from selecting the right solar PV system components. Manufacturing practices and solar products are often changing and/or upgrading and Symtech Solar has direct access to the newest and best products coming out of China and abroad. Symtech Solar’s engineering and design team will work directly with you to efficiently design and deliver your preferred energy solution.

SymPack Technology

Our packaging solutions are more than just a container, they are specifically designed for international shipping efficiency, warehouse operations and safer delivery. Pioneering solar PV solutions is our focus and our goal is to offer a design that delivers lower overall handling cost and process efficiency gains ensuring safer delivery of our products. We consider every aspect of the our packaging solutions from materials, standardization and process to ensure you have the perfect balance of effectiveness from delivery to installation.


  • Product protection for global shipping safety
  • Robust and easy to handle designs
  • Suited for stacking and inventory management
  • Designed for efficient containerized shipping

Quality Assurance

By using our previous knowledge of the PV certification industry (TUV), Symtech Solar has established a quality assurance inspection program which prevents potential manufacturing defects and ensures the electric codes and standards for each specific market are followed. The outcome of this program has been highly beneficial to PV system performance, channel partners and end users who all install our products.

Symtech Solar offers complete quality assurance on all its product lines by adding a second layer of inspection during kit manufacturing at our facilities. These checks and balances ensure that both our business and our products meet the standards or the industry and our customers.

Our commitment to quality assurance is serious. We take the necessary steps to uphold product quality, delivery, and are highly committed to customer service behind our brand. We ensure all our manufacturing partner platforms meet the current quality standards, certifications, and regulations.

Shipping and Logistics

Supplying products on-time to their destination is how we guarantee customer satisfaction. Symtech Solar can provide you with a variety of shipping options worldwide. By sea or by air we support our customers from the tracking of their products to the necessary requirements for their importing process. The process is as follows: ordering, materials gathering, pre-inspection, packaging, shipping, and receiving.

Shipping and Logistics Services Include

  • High Cube Full Container Load
  • Less Container Load
  • Load inspection from origin

We understand that shipping solar products require the correct packaging solution. Cardboard packing is often inadequate when shipping throughout the globe! It is important to us that our customers and partners understand completely the products and solutions Symtech Solar offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.