Solar Water Pumps


Solar powered water pumps are one of the most practical applications of solar energy on the market today. Our Poseidon Solar Water Pumps are reliable stand-alone solar PV Systems that require no fuel and very little attention to operate and maintain.

From small scale agricultural to large scale municipality water projects, our Poseidon Solar Water Pumps fit almost every water pumping application. They are designed to be ultra-affordable and easy to install while still being engineered to be robust with low maintenance required. In fact, water pumping has never been so easy and environment friendly.


  • Provide clean water with only solar energy
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Can be installed in any desired location

Common Applications

  • Livestock and agriculture
  • Wildlife irrigation systems
  • Waste water treatment
  • Homes, farms, ranches and cabins
  • Villages, businesses and communities

Solar Water Pump Series Include

Our solar water pumps are available in multiple layouts and can be designed and engineered for your specific site characteristics.

SymPack Technology

Thanks to our innovative packaging solution, it is easier, safer and faster to carry your solar projects upon delivery like never before. SymPack Technology is designed to strike the perfect balance of effectiveness from delivery to installation, is suited for inventory storage and offers protection for global shipping safety.