Solar Street Lights


Eos Street Lights are one of the most innovative outdoor solar lighting solutions on the market today, combining the best technology of solar, battery and lighting into one seamless solution to simplify planning and installation for any street lighting project.

Using state of the art battery technology, mono crystalline PV cells, high efficiency LED chips, and adjustable PIR sensor/detector technology, Eos Solar Street lights deliver a complete solar lighting solution in an all-in-one IP-65 rated package.

With 6 different solar power options, a variety of mounting pole sizes, adjustable timed display/output settings, our Solar Street Lights offer any project a highly efficient, long-lasting, and maintenance-free solution to clean, renewable lighting.


  • Simple to install and operate
  • Automatic dimming function (PIR Sensor)
  • Completely independent from the Grid

Common Applications

  • Roadsides and highways
  • Parks and sports fields
  • Courtyards
  • Commercial parking lots

Solar Street Light Series Include

SymPack Technology

Thanks to our innovative packaging solution, it is easier, safer and faster to carry your solar projects upon delivery like never before. SymPack Technology is designed to strike the perfect balance of effectiveness from delivery to installation, is suited for inventory storage and offers protection for global shipping safety.