Solar Carports


Hercules Solar Carports are designed to utilize existing parking areas and generate power without sacrificing valuable real estate. Typically offered as an On-Grid PV solution, their innovative design delivers a cross-platform solution combining energy generation and an elegant shading/weather protection canopy for vehicles.

Hercules Solar Carports are also structurally engineered to guarantee optimum corrosion and wind resistance, while offering a robust performance to price ratio. Coming in either single steel column or two aluminium columns configurations, they are compatible with most electric vehicle charging stations and are ideally suited to provide a new and innovative clean and environment-friendly fuel source.


  • Multi functionality including solar energy and covered parking
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easily scalable from 5kW to 5MW

Common Applications

  • Commercial centers and malls
  • Schools
  • Residential homes
  • Homes, farms, ranches and cabins
  • Housing development

Solar Carport Series Include

SymPack Technology

Thanks to our innovative packaging solution, it is easier, safer and faster to carry your solar projects upon delivery like never before. SymPack Technology is designed to strike the perfect balance of effectiveness from delivery to installation, is suited for inventory storage and offers protection for global shipping safety.