Aurora Hybrid PV Kits combine the innovation of both On-Grid and Off-Grid technologies. They either come with battery storage (Hybrid 1) or with battery storage and utility power backup (Hybrid 2).

Our Hybrid PV Systems generate power that can be used and/or stored using either Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lead Acid Gel battery banks. Any excess of energy can be sold back to the grid when the utility rates are higher, thus lowering your return on investment.

Our Hybrid PV Systems seamlessly adjust to power fluctuations from both the utility and the solar array maximizing the energy storage and consumption. With a number of different configuration settings and monitoring available, users can decide when and how much energy can be stored or sold back to the utility.


  • Can operate On-Grid or Off-Grid
  • Sell power to the grid or store the excess for later use
  • Hedge yourself against future utility increases
  • Take advantage of the utility rate changes

Common Applications

  • Residential locations with unstable grids
  • Locations that don’t allow net metering
  • Sites that cannot afford power loss or outages

Hybrid Solar Series Include

Our Hybrid PV Systems are available in multiple layouts and can be designed and engineered for your specific site characteristics.

SymPack Technology

Thanks to our innovative packaging solution, it is easier, safer and faster to carry your solar projects upon delivery like never before. SymPack Technology is designed to strike the perfect balance of effectiveness from delivery to installation, is suited for inventory storage and offers protection for global shipping safety.

Commercial On-Grid Case Study

Queretaro, Mexico

This mixed use solar project boasts a seven part installation including Hercules solar carports, rooftops and various sized sections of covered walkways installed at CIDETEQ, a research and technology development center. This is a world class project which showcases the flexible design options offered within our Atlas Commercial Solar PV Kit Series. Project support was provided through our local partner, Nergy Masters.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Local cigar company ABAM Cigars S.R.L. in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo offset electricity costs and provided a clean energy alternative by using our 60 kW Atlas Commercial PV Kit Series. Leading by example, this innovative company’s installation was facilitated through our Symtech Solar Partner Program with Alliance Solar.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Lukas Liquors located in Kansas City, Missouri benefits from a custom designed Atlas Series Solar PV Kit with over 660 solar modules installed. This PV system generates a significant amount of the company’s daytime power needs.